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Mark McGarvie

Mark and Blythe moved to Virginia in 2002 when Mark assumed a position teaching history at the University of Richmond. The couple met at Northwestern University in 1975 and married in 1983, opting to live in the Chicago area for the next eleven years. During these years, Mark worked as a management labor lawyer. In 1994, Mark left the practice of law to pursue a Ph.D. in the intellectual history of the early republic (US). He graduated in 2000 and began a post-doctoral fellowship in legal history at NYU School of Law. During these years, Blythe pursued her career in Portland, Maine, Paris, France, and New York city, so for several years Mark and Blythe had dual residences and a commuter marriage. (The Concord helped a lot.) Mark moved to the law school at William and Mary in 2014. He was subsequently awarded a Fulbright scholarship to teach democratic legal theory at the University of Zagreb Law School in Zagreb, Croatia during the 2015-16 academic year.

Mark's research interests focus on the creation of the world's first private sector during the American Revolution and the Constitutional era and the legal delineation of public and private spheres in the following decades. He has authored three books: Charity, Philanthropy, and Civility in American History (Cambridge University Press, 2002), One Nation Under Law: America's Early National Struggles to Separate Church and State (Northern Illinois University Press, 2004), and Law and Religion in American History: Private Conscience and Public Virtue (Cambridge University Press, 2016). The last book is the sixth entry in CUP's prestigious New Histories of American Law Series. Mark has also published numerous essays in academic journals and law reviews.

Mark and Blythe share a dedication to taking whatever small steps they can to improve their world during their lifetimes by protecting land from development and ensuring the continued existences of the flora and fauna that live upon it. They live with two wonderful dogs, both rescued from shelters, Lakota, a Pomeranian mix, and Archie, a Westie-Scottie mix.